Nicolas Grospierre

Nicolas Grospierre is a photographer of architecture, as well as an artist usingphotography as a creative tool.

He was born in Geneva. He grew up in France. He lives in Poland since 1999. Beforetaking up photography, he studied political science and sociology in Paris and London.His documentary works often take the topic of collective memory and hope linked withthe modernist architecture, now that their accompanying utopias have lost their strengthand importance. On the other hand, in his conceptual work he creates a game situationwith the audience, which is pulled in through attractive, almost sensual paintings andinstallations. He won the Golden Lion at the 11 Biennale of Architecture in Venice in2008 (together with Kobas Laksa) for the Hotel Polonia. The Afterlife of Buildingsexhibition presented in the Polish Pavilion.

He has chosen for us 21 photographs from his archive, showing Warsaw's architecture.He lives in Zoliborz.