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We take privacy seriously.


Privacy Policy of the Service

The present Privacy Policy defines the rules of processing personal data and functioning of Cookies used to provide services offered by the service and used by it.

    I. Data Administrator

MAMASTUDIO Sp. z o. o. Sp. K.; ul. Lwowska 17/11; 00-660 Warsaw; NIP: 7010313715; REGON: 1454846690; KRS: 0000396281


    II. Definitions

  1. Administrator – means MAMASTUDIO Sp. z o. o. Sp. K. seated in Warsaw, ul. Lwowska 17/11, 00-660 Warsaw, entered in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the Local Court for the capital city of Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, KRS 0000396281, NIP 7010313715, REGON 1454846690, which provides electronic services and stores and gains access to information in the User’s devices.
  2. Cookies – means IT data, in particular small text files, saved and stored on the devices through which the User uses the websites of the Service.
  3. Administrator’s Cookies – means Cookies posted by the Administrator, related to the provision of electronic services by the Administrator via the Service.
  4. External Cookies – means Cookies posted by the Administrator’s partners via the Service website
  5. Service – means the website or application where the Administrator provides the online service, operating in the domain(s)
  6. Device – means electronic device via which the User gains access to the Service.
  7. User – means an entity for which electronic services can be provided or with which the Contract on the provision of electronic services can be concluded according to legal provisions.


    III. Personal Data

If the User wants to use our service or purchase products on the service website, they will be asked to provide us with the data necessary to provide the service. Personal data is processed by the Administrator for the following purposes related to the Service operation.


    IV. Purposes of Processing:

  1. Provision of services in the form of running an individual electronic account;
  2. Distribution of a newsletter;
  3. Direct marketing, including direct marketing consisting in displaying advertisements;
  4. Execution of orders;
  5. Booking a stay.


    V. Basis of Data Processing:

  1. consent given during the registration in the Shop – if the user decides to give their consent by means of checking a relevant checkbox (art. 6 item 1 letter a of GDPR),
  2. legal obligation of the Administrator related to accounting (art. 6 item 1 letter c of GDPR),
  3. contract on the provision of services or actions taken as requested by the User;
  4. sales agreement aiming at its conclusion (art. 6 item 1 letter b of GDPR);
  5. legitimate interest consisting in the processing aimed at determining, pursuing or defending possible claims (art. 6 item 1 letter f of GDPR);
  6. legitimate interest consisting in direct marketing (art. 6 item 1 letter f of GDPR).


    VI. Method of Indicating Data

  1. Any and free


    VII. Consequences of Non-Provision of Data:

  1. no possibility to book a stay,
  2. no possibility to register in the Shop,
  3. no possibility to make purchases in the Shop,
  4. no possibility to receive information about new products in the Shop.


    VIII. Withdrawal of the Consent

  1. Any time, without the need to justify it


    IX. Period of Processing Personal Data

MAMASTUDIO Sp. z o. o. Sp. K. shall process the User’s data only over the period justified by legal grounds:

  1. legal obligation to process the User’s data ceases to weigh on MAMASTUDIO Sp. z o. o. Sp. K.;
  2. completion of the order or service;
  3. withdrawal of the consent to process data if it was the basis thereof.


    X. Safety of Data Processing

When processing personal data MAMASTUDIO Sp. z o. o. Sp. K. uses measures in compliance with applicable provisions of law, including using SSL encrypted connections.


    XI. Entitlements of the User

  1. access to own personal data,
  2. right to correct the data,
  3. removal – right to be forgotten,
  4. restriction of processing,
  5. request to transfer the data to other administrator,
  6. raising at any moment an objection against the processing of the User’s data:
    1. for reasons related to a special situation – with respect to the processing of relevant personal data, pursuant to art. 6 item 1 letter f of GDPR (i.e. legitimate interests pursued by the administrator), including the profiling based on such provisions,
    2. if the personal data is processed for the purposes of direct marketing, including profiling, in the scope in which the processing is related to such direct marketing.

In order to exercise your rights you are requested contact us at:

Should it be deemed that the data is processed against law, the User has the right to submit their complain at a supervisory entity.


    XII. Profiling

Under its operation, the Service may automatically adjust some content to the User’s needs. This involves profiling with the use of personal data, i.e. based on the previous online activity of the User, including on the Service websites, in the form of displaying product advertisements.


    XIII. Cookies

Like most websites, the Service uses Cookies files. Cookies used by the Service are safe for the Devices used by the User.

The Administrator uses two types of cookies:

  1. Session cookies: they are stored in the User’s Device and remain there as long as the session with a given browser continues. Collected information is then permanently removed from the Device memory. The mechanism of session cookies does not enable to collect any personal data or any confidential information from the User’s Device.
  2. Permanent cookies: they are stored in the User’s Device and remain there until they are removed. The termination of a session with a given browser or shutting down the Device does not remove them from the User’s Device. The mechanism of permanent cookies does not enable to collect any personal data or any confidential information from the User’s Device.
  3. The User can restrict or ban the access of cookies to their Device. If such option is chosen it will still be possible to use the Service except for the functions which by their very nature require cookies.

The Administrator uses Cookies for the following purposes:

  1. Configuration of the Service
    1. to adjust of the content of the Service websites to the User’s preferences and to optimise the use of the Service websites;
    2. to identify the device of the Service User and its location and to display the website accordingly so that it matches the User’s individual needs;
    3. to save the log-in settings chosen by the User and to personalise the User interface;
    4. to record the history of the websites visited in the service in order to suggest the content;
    5. to adjust the font size and layout of the website.
  2. Authorisation of the user in the service and assurance of the user’s session in the service
    1. to maintain the session of the Service User (after logging in), thanks to which the User does not need to provide their login and password on each sub-website of the Service;
    2. to correctly configure the selected functions of the Service, enabling in particular the verification of authenticity of the browser session.
  3. Realisation of processes necessary to ensure full functionality of websites
    1. to adjust the content of the Service websites to the User’s preferences and to optimise the use of the Service websites. In particular, these files allow to identify the basic parametres of the User’s Device and to display the website accordingly so that it is adjusted to the User’s individual needs.
  4. Remember the user’s location
    1. to correctly configure the selected functions of the Service, enabling in particular the adjustment of information provided to the User in consideration of the User’s location.
  5. Analysis and research as well as audit of pageviews
    1. to create anonymous statistics that promote understanding of how the Service Users use the Service websites, which serves to improve their structure and content;
  6. Provide advertising services
    1. to adjust the advertisements of services and products of third companies presented via the Service;
  7. Ensure safety and reliability of the service

The Administrator uses Cookies also for the following purposes:

  1. to collect general and anonymous statistical data by means of analytical tools:
    1. Google Analytics [administrator cookies: Google Inc. seated in the USA]
  2. to present advertisements adjusted to the User’s preferences by means of the online advertising tools:
    1. Google AdSense [administrator cookies: Google Inc. seated in the USA]
  3. to use interactive functions in order to promote the service by means of social networks:
    1. [administrator cookies: Twitter Inc. seated in the USA]
    2. [administrator cookies: Facebook Inc. seated in the USA or Facebook Ireland seated in Ireland)

In order to learn how to manage cookies, including how to disable them in the browser, the User may resort to the help file of the browser used. Such information is available after pressing F1 button in the browser.


    XIV. External data recipients

The Service uses the services of external entities in order to perform its tasks.

The Administrator may transfer personal data to:

  1. Entities delivering goods;
  2. Payment providers;
  3. Entities running parcel collection posts;
  4. Entities providing mailing system;
  5. Entities providing marketing services;
  6. Social media websites.


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