Beza Projekt

Beza Project is an avant-garde design studio founded by Anna Łoskiewicz-Zakrzewska and Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik, designing furniture, everyday objects and art installations.

Beza Projekt focuses on product design from concept through to the final object. The essence of its activities is to work closely with technologists and craftsmen. Together with the great Polish subcontractors the designers managed to successfully produce several thousand pieces of sets of Milk and Honey on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Polish Presidency of the EU. Moreover, Beza designs interiors, (introducing copyright furniture and solutions), elements of landscape architecture, exhibition systems and furniture for public spaces.

Ania and Zosia’s portfolio includes brave and custom projects, which often use the latest technologies and materials. With great team, with whom they work, and proven sub-contractors, they bring to market unique products.

Beza Projekt has been awarded with: Kreator Roku 2013 by Design Alive magazine, Make me! Łódź Design Festival 2013, MUST HAVE! Łódź Design Festival 2013.

AMORIM and Domaine the Boisbuchet 2012 and Golden Lion 2011.

In our interiors, you can admire marble tables, tartan pots, and beautiful blankets made by Beza.

Ania lives in Śródmieście and Zosia in Wola.