Marika Zamojska

Marika Zamojska – art historian, curator, gallery owner.

Marika runs the Starter Gallery in Warsaw. The Gallery was founded in Poznań in May 2007, where it ran as artists and curators run-space in an almost 200 m2 abandoned apartment in an Art Nouveau building in the center of the city. Over a period of more than three years, the Gallery has held over 50 exhibitions with the participation of 72 artists from Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and France. In December 2010 the gallery moved to Muranow in Warsaw. There, for over four years, more than 50 exhibitions and artistic actions were held, both in the gallery and beyond. Starter Gallery represents, among others, Alicja Bielawska, Bownik, Magdalena Karpińska and Mikołaj Moskal, who created the mural in our living room. The mural was created on the occasion of the Sunrise exhibition, which we hosted during the Warsaw Gallery Weekend in 2014.

arika selects the paintings that hang on the walls of our rooms.

She lives in Mokotów.