The Face of Autor / medium size copper mirror

2000 zł

This mirror is a part of hotel essentials collection of eight objects designed especially for Autor Rooms by Maria Jeglinska. 

“For each of these objects, I tried to imagine people’s arrival at Autor Rooms and how they would relate to the space,” Maria told us. “Guests and visitors interact with the space for a limited amount of time. Therefore, materials were chosen for their warmth and how they relate to the space. First and foremost, they needed to convey a deep sensory sensation. Three copper presences greet guests upon arrival. These large, face-shaped, polished copper-surfaces mounted on square wooden bases appear to playfully wink at anyone entering the room."

materials: polished copper, solid oak
colour: natural copper, natural oak
measurments: 58 cm x 36,5 cm x 13 cm