They are a small, 2-persons studio. They specialize in product design, public and private interiors,
stands and displays, and prepare draft plans for commercials and photo shoots. They say: “ We
do not wear black and we are not artists. We try to go beyond trends or avoid solutions based on
recent aesthetics in fashion and periodic stylistic conventions, we try to respond to investor’s
conceptions and lead him by the hand in terms of functionality and aesthetics. We often build a
base of selected products for our clients, bearing in mind the overall image of the brand, prepare
sets of pictures to catalogues, exhibition and trade fair stands ". For years, Colorofon has been
cooperating with interior and lifestyle magazines, preparing design sets and designing interiors for
publications ( Elle Decoration; Dobre Wnętrze, Wysokie Obcasy, Fluid, M jak Mieszkanie, Moje
Mieszkanie, Cztery Kąty ). Between 2012 and 2013 they received the prestigious Red Dot Design
Award for two projects - "Futura" and "Nature" collection of bathroom accessories and batteries
manufactured by Bisk. Both of these projects are in our interiors. They have also designed the
interiors in two recently opened Warsaw restaurants, “Wilczy głód” i “Przystawki”.

Magda and Kuba live in Grochów.